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David Weatherly and Ross Allison on Mystic Moon Cafe – May 8, 2019

David Weatherly and Ross Allison

David Weatherly is a renaissance man of the strange and supernatural. He has traveled the world in pursuit of ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, magic and more. From the specters of dusty castles, to remote, haunted islands, from ancient sites, to modern mysteries, he has journeyed to the most unusual places on the globe seeking the unknown. David became fascinated with the paranormal at a young age. Ghost stories and accounts of weird creatures and UFOs led him to discover many of his early influences. Writers such as such as John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Hans Holzer and others set him on course to spend his life exploring and investigating the unexplained. 

Throughout his life, he’s also delved into shamanic and magical traditions from around the world, spending time with elders from numerous cultures in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. He has studied with Taoist masters in China, Tibetan Lamas, and other mystics from the far east. He’s picked up knowledge from African and Native American tribal elders and sat around fires with shaman from countless other traditions. Along his path, David has also gathered a lot of arcane knowledge, studying a range of ancient arts from palmistry, the runes, and other obscure forms of divination to alchemy and magick. He has studied and taught Qigong and Ninjutsu as well as various energy related arts. David has also studied stage and performance magic. His shamanic and magical background has given him a unique perspective in his explorations into the unknown, and he continues to write, travel and explore, leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the strange and unusual.

David Weatherly

David has investigated, and written about, a diverse range of topics including, Hauntings, Cryptozoology, Ufology, Ancient Mysteries, Shamanism, Magic and Psychic Phenomena. In 2012, David founded the independent media and publishing company, Leprechaun Productions. He has been a featured speaker at conferences around the world and has lectured for countless paranormal, UFO, and spiritual groups.

He is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Darkness Radio and other radio programs. David has also appeared on numerous television shows including Ancient Aliens, Mysteries at the National Parks and Beyond Belief. David’s books include Strange Intruders, Black Eyed Children and the Wood Knocks and Haunted series.

Ross Allison – Paranormal investigator, author, media host, lecturer, teacher, tour guide, and one of the Pacific Northwest’s only full-time ghost hunters, Ross Allison is the founder of A.G.H.O.S.T. (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma). Ross is also half-owner of Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours.

Ross Allison

With over 25 years in paranormal investigation, Ross travels internationally to investigate paranormal activity, collect ghost stories, research cemeteries, and teach others about the paranormal. A lecturer for Power Performers since 2004, Ross has spoken to thousands of students at hundreds of colleges and universities throughout the U.S. about his ghost hunting adventures. He also teaches a class based on his book, Ghostology 101 – Becoming a Ghost Hunter at the University of Washington and Tacoma Community College.

His lectures have taken him to locations like London, Canada, and Scotland, and Ross has worked with some of the biggest names in the field including Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters. He has also investigated some of the scariest and most haunted sites, including the Stanley Hotel, Eastern State Prison, the Amityville House, Alcatraz Prison, Roman Catacombs, the Ancient Rams Inn and the original location of “The Exorcist Case,” where he captured some of the scariest phenomena ever encountered.

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