roman delgado interview about spiritual cleansings

Roman Delgado On Spiritual Cleansing | May 15, 2019

Tonight we welcome back Roman Delgado. Roman is a Sorcerer, Necromancer and Conjure Man.

In our time together this evening, he will explain the need for energetic and spiritual hygiene in our lives! How do we pick up negative energy or spirits? What makes us more vulnerable to this phenomena? And some basic techniques in Folk Magic to release what ails us, along with signs of deeper illness that requires professional intervention!

Don’t miss this exciting experience!!

About Roman Delgado

He grew up among Brujos (Sorcerers), Curanderos (Healers) and Shamans. His work is woven with all those influences and his natural ability to speak to the dead. All in order to bring healing, growth and closure to both sides of the veil.

Readings and Services

I offer my services in Card Reading, Necromancy, Shamanic Divination and Healing, as well as services in Folk Magic coming from my background in Brujeria and Southern Conjure.

What To Expect

My readings tend to be emotionally intense. I bring forth messages from the spirit world, in different ways depending on the service. My work is to bring to surface the core issues that are plaguing your life, and bring spiritual healing to them in order to grow. I am not a fortune teller, nor am I a light worker.Expect time dealing with the very things that keep you in illness and support in facing them spiritually.


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