spooky story night july 3, 2019

Spooky, Ghostly Story Night On July 3, 2019

Contact Mystic Moon Cafe to tell your scary story. Contact info at end of post. Book now…it’s free!

Tonight, June and Wendy will host a show about real ghost stories, experiences, campfire tales or local folklore. And YOU get to participate!

If you have had a spectral tale or experience, we would love to have you call in and tell us your story. If you do, you’ll need Skype to join our broadcast. Skype is a free application. Please let us know in advance and we will reserve your story time.


Be sure to contact us ASAP. We can only cover so many stories during our show, and we already have guest storytellers confirmed.

You can contact us in the “Leave A Reply” section or through the contact information listed below. Reserve a time slot before it’s too late!

Our recorded shows can be found on our YouTube channel and on iHeartRadio now too!!

Contact Mystic Moon Cafe:

Website: https://www.mysticmooncafe.com/contact
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MysticMoonCafe/
Email: MysticMoonCafe@gmail.com
Twitter: @MysticMoonCafe1

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