Cornerstone Supernatural On Friday, October 2nd

On this Friday night special, June & Wendy will be talking with Cornerstone Supernatural out of British Columbia!

Tune In: Friday, October 2nd at 10 PM Eastern/7 PM Pacific

We will go ‘Live’ right here on our Facebook page:

About Cornerstone Supernatural

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cornerstone Supernatural began in April, 2019, bringing together investigators with up to 35 years of experience. The group was formed by Paul Busch and Janine McCaw. The name was chosen as a “cornerstone” is fundamentally a building block for structure and lends itself to historical adaptations. While many of our investigations focus on ghosts, we are also interested in investigating UFO’s, Cryptids and other paranormal phenomena.​

Contact Cornerstone Supernatural


Facebook : Cornerstone Supernatural Group

Twitter: @CornerstoneSupe

Blog: Supernatural Central

Phone: 604-734-0390

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The video recording will go on our YouTube channel and our website shortly after the ‘Live’ broadcast. Links for listening and/or watching the recording:

Mystic Moon Café hosts bring a variety of guests to talk about paranormal phenomenon, cryptozoology, ghost hunting, favorite authors on many topics – fiction, conspiracy theory, and fact, featured music artists, and more!

Contact Wendy or June at

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