Shamanic Healing & Divination With Roman Delgado 12/13/2020

Join us for an evening of Shamanic Healing techniques and Divination with Roman Delgado..

With Special Guest Host, Seth Michael – Psychic/Medium Spiritual Advisor.

We will go ‘Live’ right here on our Facebook page:

7:00PM Pacific, 9:00PM Central, 10:00PM Eastern

Facebook Event

Roman Delgado is a Shamanic Practitioner, a Shamanic Healer. He has a strong background in Brujería, Curanderismo, Southern Conjure and several forms of energy healing, including Reiki.
He as extensive training on Core Shamanism with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

The core of his Professional Shamanic Healing Practice is Ancestral Healing and Unraveling Generational Curses. Through those processes he brings healing and understanding to both sides of the veil about the unhealthy life patterns that get passed down the generations and in some situations transcend death itself. As part of this process he has a strong practice of Shamanic Divination, which includes Shamanic Bone divination. His practice of the Art of Throwing the bones is highly influenced by his training in Southern Conjure and has a unique Flavor of it’s own!

The video recording will go on our YouTube channel shortly after the ‘Live’ broadcast..
Links for listening and/or watching the recording:

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