Coldspotters Paranormal Investigations & Events | Feb. 24, 2021

Join us this Wednesday as we talk with founding members Amanda Quill, Calvin Price, Mike Cardenas, and Laura Germanowski Robair, of Coldspotters Paranormal Investigators & Events!

We will broadcast from our Facebook page:

About Coldspotters

Coldspotters was started in 2012 in Vancouver BC by Amanda Quill and Calvin Price with the intention to investigate and explore the unknown & create a safe place for all things Paranormal. Quickly growing into a close-knit family and an integral part of the paranormal community in Vancouver and beyond.

In 2020, Coldspotters branched out with teams throughout the US, starting with South Carolina, founded by Amanda Quill and Robb Demarest, with Mike Cardenas in Texas and Laura Robair in the Berkshires. The need for a new type of team was immediately recognized and to date Coldspotters have over 20 teams in North America, 3 International, thousands of members, and enough collective energy to keep on growing.

Our aim remains to create connection, mentorship and share knowledge, as without experimentation and help, we just spin our wheels. We are already a fringe society, no need to make it worse with drama and politics. Friendship, Co-operation, and Mutual Respect is what motivates us to a common goal.

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