Ostara & The Spring/Vernal Equinox | March 10, 2021

Prepare for a fun time with Jerri and Wendy as we talk witchy paganism as it pertains to Ostara & the Spring/Vernal Equinox and attempt some crafts of the season!

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Ostara is one of the newest sabbats. Ancient peoples celebrated the spring season, including Earth’s annual revival, rather than the vernal equinox itself. However, despite a lack of historical origins as a festival, the spring equinox is a part of an Earth cycle that predates humans, when the passive darker half of the year ends and the active lighter half begins. This astronomical balance, along with the fertility of the season, is what contemporary Pagans celebrate during Ostara.The name Ostara originates from an ancient Germanic goddess, Eostre, of dawn and spring. She is associated with eggs, fertility, hares, rabbits, and the spring season in general. As an explanation for the egg and hare association, contemporary legend has it that Eostre turned a bird into a hare but the transformation wasn’t complete so the hare laid eggs. Otherwise, very little is known about this goddess.

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