Gatekeeper Paranormal – Official Team of Bobby Mackey’s Music World | June 2, 2021

Gang, we are very excited to have Laura & Angie – co-founders of Gatekeeper Paranormal – Official Paranormal Team of Bobby Mackey’s Music World – as our guests June 2nd! And in addition, we have Tom “TN Mike” Jones as a special co-host!


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About Gatekeeper Paranormal

We are a Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky based paranormal investigative group. Our investigators have many years of combined experience and varying degrees of skepticism and belief in the paranormal. We provide paranormal investigation services free of charge to anyone who feels they are experiencing unexplained activity in their home or business.

Gatekeeper Paranormal consists of a team of professional individuals with varying skills and a broad range of experience in paranormal investigating. Team members volunteer their time for the love of paranormal investigating. No case is too big or too small. We are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena.

Angie – Co-Founder/Investigator

Like most paranormal investigators, Angie became interested in haunted houses, ghosts and the afterlife at an early age. Her experience with the paranormal as a kid left her with many unanswered questions and a fascination with finding the answers. She has been an investigator for 8 years, using various types of equipment and investigative methods in her research. Although she is a skeptic, she remains open-minded. She is willing to explore all possibilities and is eager to help others who are experiencing unexplained activity.

Laura – Co-Founder/Investigator

Born and raised in Northern Kentucky, Laura has been interested in the paranormal since she was a young child and experienced things at her grandmother’s house that she couldn’t explain. She has been an active investigator for the past 9 years. Before ghost hunting became “mainstream” and the equipment so readily available, she sought out reportedly haunted locations all over the world, just for the personal experience. She wants to be a believer, but until the proof hits her in the head (literally), she remains the group’s biggest skeptic.


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