About Jake

Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice is a producer and occasional host for Mystic Moon Cafe

Jacob ‘Jake’ Rice grew up in a little town on a lake in northern Wisconsin. After graduating high school, he joined the Army where he became a military intelligence codebreaker. Once his enlistment ended, he moved to Chicago to attend college. He calls Seattle home now.

Jake has a background in analytics and information technology. He’s worked as a system analyst and technical writer, but now focuses on digital analytics and content development.

In 2007, he encountered a spirit the elevator in his apartment building. This experience put him on the paranormal investigation path and he founded his own team, Ghostly Activities. Jake’s now a member of AGHOST (Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma).

In his spare time, he chases after 3 rescue dogs, does more gardening than he’d like, bakes pastries, creates how-to ghost hunting videos, and writes for his other site:

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