About Wendy & June

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Ghostly June

About June: June Nixon is the Vice President and Client Coordinator of the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T.). But you can ask the rest of the team and they’ll quickly tell you that June is the heart of the group as well as the glue that keeps the group bonded. She is an Administrative Assistant by day and a Paranormal Investigator by night, her calm and soothing demeanor helps her in her work life as well as with her teammates and the entities on investigations. When she is not investigating, she loves to travel around the United States as well as the world, traveling to places like Iceland, London, Scotland, Rome, Sicily and many more. Her love of culture, history and music drives her in her quest for knowledge about the people that lived in the places she visits. In the past being a professional Opera singer, she now occasionally sings Jazz around Seattle. One of her favorite things to do when investigating a historic area, is learn what songs were popular at the time and try to sing them as a trigger for a spirit to sing along on comment. Divorced with no children, June has plenty of time to enjoy life and everything it has to offer, never call her lonely, she is constantly on the go. Her favorite saying is “Live each day like it’s your last, and one of these days you’ll be right!”

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Wendy with Leroy Browndog

About Wendy: Wendy Schindler is no stranger to the metaphysical world. Co-host of a fast-growing podcast, Mystic Moon Cafe Radio, Wendy has reached tens of thousands and helped them learn more about the world beyond our realms.
Wendy was a born intuitive, simply knowing things she had no possible way of knowing.
In 2012 she took part in her first official paranormal investigation of a haunting, and there was no stopping her since.
In her spare time, Wendy rescues German Shepherds and loves to investigate and explore old, out of the way cemeteries.
To learn more about Wendy or her podcasts with amazing guests, both national and international, visit her @MysticMoonCafe on Facebook.