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Without our PAST, we have nothing to learn from. Tune in as Ross brings back old-school ghost hunters to talk about our paranormal past, as we speak with our TRUE pioneers in research. These are the people that have paved their way, leading us into the paranormal. What do they feel are the pros and cons of ghost hunting today and where do we see ourselves in the near future.

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July 18th, 2019: Dale Kaczmarek

Dale Kaczmarek has been investigating paranormal phenomena since 1975. He co-founded the Ghost Trackers Club in 1977 with Martin V. Riccardo and worked for five years as its Research Assistant. In 1982, Mr. Kaczmarek assumed the sole owner of what would become the Ghost Research Society. He has investigated almost 4,100 cases around the world both public and private. He is frequently called upon to lecture at conferences, give workshops on the paranormal and ghost hunting techniques and teaches courses on the paranormal. Mr. Kaczmarek offers a free service for those interested in having photographs examined that might be deemed paranormal. He approaches the paranormal from a scientific standpoint but has worked with a number of psychics over the years. He is a believer in the paranormal but seasons his beliefs with a bit of skepticism. Dale has accumulated a wide array of the latest in state-of-the-art paranormal equipment that compliments his work in the field.

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